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Simplicity DS

Product Description

  • Dimensions
  • 2100mm (h)
  • 850mm (w)
  • 140mm (d narrow)
  • 576mm (d base)

A free standing digital signage enclosure manufactured from Grade A steel, with a 1.5mm thickness the unit is solid and robust. The enclosure has several unique features such as a lockable hidden control panel to access power switch, Ethernet socket interface and quick access USB socket all are features to ensure easy maintenance.

The cabinets overall measurements are dependant on the monitor size which is preferred, and we offer options of other devices such as small form factor printing and scanning. The unit has space for a standard sized small form factor PC, and has a sleek slender appearance which with its rounded sides give a pleasing aesthetical overall feel to the overall design and form factor.

Quick Option Reference Guide

Metal Keyboard & Trackball, Web-camera, Bar Code Scanner, 60/ 80 Thermal Printer, Magnetic & Smart, RFID Card Reader, Flash Memory Card Reader, 3M PVC Graphics Branding, Dual Sided Monitor, Flight Case

Quick Technical Specifications

Manufactured from Steel Base Unit Cabinet, Epoxy Powder Coat scratch resistant finish, Cables, Wiring Harness, Key & Electronic Coded Key Locking Door Handle, Packaging, 4 rubber base feet

Screen Sizes Available

  • 22",
  • 32",
  • 42",
  • 47"
    • Kiosk Terminals, Digital Signage Terminals, T10 Model


    • Kiosk Terminals, Digital Signage Terminals, Integra Model


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